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How to Talk to Your Debtor

By In Blog On January 30, 2014

American Debt Collection

Talking to a debtor can be a taxing ordeal for a creditor – especially if they are determined from running away. Attempts to negotiate can lead to frustration and severed ties, which is never good for anyone’s reputation.

It is important that a creditor remains professional, objective yet firm when talking to a debtor. Allowing your personal sentiments to get in the way will not help you find a solution to the current issue. As a creditor, you must be open to negotiating brand new terms no matter how frustrating it can be. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when talking with your debtor.

  • Remain professional and firm.

There is a big difference between being firm and being aggressive. Being aggressive with your debtor will not help resolve the issue, this is a common misconception inexperienced creditors make. They automatically think that by imploring intimidation tactics, they can scare a debtor into paying up.
You have to understand in most cases, a debtor is unable to pay due to a lack in capacity. Pushing your own terms on them will seem impossible and will leave them with no choice but to run away – again.
By staying professional and firm with your terms, you will arrive at an amicable solution at a sooner time. Letting your debtor know that you are open to negotiation will allow them to open up about their current situation and will open lines of communication that could otherwise be severed.

  • Be careful in negotiating.

When negotiating with a difficult debtor, you must be very careful – with how much information you divulge and how much leeway you provide them. If a creditor sees an opportunity to talk you out of getting back what you are owed, they will most likely take it.
The less you say the better when it comes to negotiating. Allow them to propose terms that are plausible on their terms and suggest amendments so it remains favourable to you.

Negotiating is a tough and intricate art that must be handled with utmost expertise. If you think you are unable to firmly negotiate with a difficult debtor, hiring a debt collection specialist is the next best move.
American Debt Collection has some of the best debt collection specialists in the country who are trained and experienced in handling even the toughest of cases. They put your reputation on top of their priorities, which ensures you that they will do everything they can to handle your case without compromising your name.

  • Be persistent.

Most creditors give up easily on seemingly impossible cases, as they can no longer be bothered with all the reminding and negotiating that needs to be done. Once a debtor senses that you are about to give up, they will do everything to make things even more difficult for you – so you give up sooner.

If there is one debt collection tip you can take away from this it is being persistent. By being persistent, you are able to send a clear message to your debtor that you mean business – and you are not leaving without getting what you are owed back.

Talking to a debtor can be especially difficult if they are determined to make the situation impossible for you. It is important that you remain a level head throughout and organize a strategy that would work best for you and your needs.

American Debt Collection is one of the leading debt collection agencies in the country. Our specialists are equipped to handle the case with utmost expertise and professionalism that increases your chances of getting what is rightfully yours.

If you having a hard time talking to a debtor despite exhausting the tips mentioned above, give us a call. Our specialists will be more than happy to talk to you so we can create a collection strategy based on your needs. Let us get back what you are owed at the soonest possible time, contact us at American Debt Collection today.

Who will be handling my case?

Finding out if a company has a team of trained debt collection specialists is a fast way to know whether a company is legitimate or not. Not everyone can be called a debt collection specialist  – in order to be called one a person has to go through intensive training and certification before they are deployed to a case.

A legitimate debt collection company knows that their best assets are their specialists and they invest heavily in training them in order to effectively handle any situation. If a company cannot provide you with information about the licensure and training their specialists receive, it is most likely that they are a scam – or a company with a really low success rate.

Are you licensed?

Do not deal with a fly by night debt collection company. If they are unable to supply you any information about their license and business permits, there is a huge chance you are dealing with scammers. A legitimate debt collection company is an agency that can only operate if they have a business license and authority to provide the services they offer.

A debt collection agency must have the permission to perform sensitive information collation efforts in order to provide the services they claim to provide. If they do not have pertinent licenses and permits to do, they cannot implore legal and earnest methods in collecting your money.

You wouldn’t want to deal with a company that cannot handle your case with earnest methods as this can severely damage your reputation and lower your chances of recovering what you are owed. Be quick to ask for their professional license number to accurately determine whether they are a company working within legal limitations and laws.

What are your collection strategies?

A legitimate debt collection agency is a company should be staffed by specialists who are experienced I crafting adaptive collections strategy for every case. They know that no two cases are the same that is why they are trained to provide customized solution.

If a debt collection company is not forthright about their strategy, it is most likely they are imploring less than legal means to collect what you are owed – such as intimidation tactics. This can result to your debtor suing you for threatening their safety.

It is important that you talk to as much debt collection companies as you can before making a decision. This can help you weed out the scammers from the real deal. If you want to find a fast and legitimate way to get back what is rightfully yours, do not hesitate to reach out to one of debt collection specialists here at American Debt Collection today – we are a company that ensures your credibility is safe as we expertly handle your case.